Calvin Vibrating Pump – White

CALVIN combines a penis pump and textured sleeve into one device, designed to enlarge and exercise the penis while simulating realistic oral sex stimulation. It offers 6 sucking modes and 8 pulsations of vibration for maximum pleasure. The versatile penis enlarger vibrating male masturbator features a customized elastic orifice, enabling it to accommodate most sizes, a transparent pump, and a screen for recording the air pressure datum. Explore your favorite pressure in penis exercise with CALVIN. CALVIN is designed to enhance male masturbation and penis enlargement. It includes a ridged sleeve with a vagina-shaped mouth and a separate elastic orifice. The disassembly feature allows you to enjoy realistic oral-sex masturbation or improve your penis erection. You can click on the middle button to experience a variety of sex play modes and lock your favorite playing patterns. The penis pump masturbator, with an intensely raised beaded sleeve, provides a full massaging sensation that can be wrapped around your penis. It features 6 sucking and 8 vibrating patterns, giving you a surreal oral sex sensation. Besides offering overwhelming masturbating satisfaction, this enlargement pump also exercises and enlarges your penis with innovative air-pressured technology. The disassembly design allows you to switch between the 6 vigorous suction settings, helping you find your favorite penis-enlarging mode to play with again and again. A revolutionary design in air pressure modes, CALVIN is your ultimate assistant in enhancing your sex performance with your partner. With its scale-marked cylinder, you can easily track the gradual enlargement of your penis. Choose your preferred suction mode and enjoy the noticeable pump as your penis becomes more majestic with each use. Motor not waterproof, other parts are waterproof. One Year Warranty.
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