Jack Mate Penis Pump Red

You will be amazed by the look and feel of your penis as it grows bigger and more sensitive! This no nonsense pumping set includes an ergonomic hand pump with a built in pressure gauge, as well as a flexible and durable silicone hose. The bright red tubing connects to a 9 inches cylinder with measurements along its length to show your gains as you get longer and girthier.

The optional seal at the base helps you create a tighter and more pleasurable seal, made even better with a little bit of lube. When you are satisfied with your engorgement, a quick release valve will instantly decrease the suction, freeing your ultra sensitive penis for more hands on play!

Measurements cylinder is 9 inches in overall length, fits up to 8.5 inches, with a diameter opening of 2.15 inches. Hose is 10.3 inches in length. Materials Thermoplastic Rubber TPR, silicone, ABS plastic. Color Red.
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Purchase:  Price: $46.39

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