Optimum Series Vibro Air Pump

Optimum Series Vibro Air Pump from California Exotic novelties . Introducing the Optimum Series Vibro Air Pump, the world’s first pressure activated vibrating pump designed to elevate your pleasure and provide an unparalleled experience. This innovative pump features a unique vibration system that activates automatically once the optimum pressure is reached, intensifying the sensations and taking your pleasure to new heights. The powerful Master Grip finger pull handle allows for easy and comfortable operation, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. For your convenience, the pump is equipped with a removable sleeve, making it effortless to clean and maintain. The quick air release valve enables you to easily release pressure whenever desired, allowing for complete control over your experience. With a flanged base for a secure seal, the pump creates a tight and comfortable fit. This pump is USB rechargeable and comes with a magnetic charging cord for easy charging. It takes only 1 hour to achieve a full charge, providing a total run time of 25 minutes for uninterrupted pleasure. Experience the next level of pleasure and satisfaction with the Optimum Series Vibro Air Pump. Let its pressure activated vibrating technology, user friendly features, and premium design help you achieve and maintain stronger and longer lasting satisfaction. Specifications: SKU SE-1041-50-3. Color: Smoke. 1 year warranty. Features: Phthalate free, Rechargeable, Vibrates, Heats Up, Adjustable. Power Source: USB Rechargeable cord included. bulk weight 13.7 ounces. Package: 19.9 ounces. Package size 3 inches by 4.5 inches by 13.5 inches. Maximum run time 25 minutes.Maximum charging time60 minutes. Functions 1. Categories: sex toy s for Men, Rechargeable Vibrators, Penis Pumps, Male Pumps, Trigger Pumps, Vibrating Pumps. 2023.
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Purchase:  Price: $70.69

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